Just ask our clients....

Just ask our clients....
  • As part of our new sales and growth strategy, we quickly realised that in order to achieve our optimistic goals, we needed a new website and a much better approach to marketing. After many meetings with web development and SEO providers, we decided that First Internet could help us achieve the required results.

    From the onset, First Internet provided a first class service

    and with the benefit of our designated account manager, who was on hand every step of the way, we ended up with a product which has been extremely well received by our customers.

    Their professionalism, creativity and knowledge really does do the team proud and I would have no hesitation in recommending First Internet to business users.

    We very much look forward to continuing to work closely with First Internet as we now view our working relationship as more of a partnership – First Internet will continue to develop our marketing campaign and will help us grow our business.

    Denise BanksGaskells Waste
  • EXEDY approached First Internet with the challenge of creating a dynamic, multi-language website with the objective of engaging the media, existing and prospective customers through corporate, news & blog entries and various points of interaction.

    First Internet have delivered.

    Thanks to First Internet, we expect to see our online exposure double over the next five years

    Andy NelsonEXEDY Clutch Europe
  • The speed with which First Internet responded to our urgent request for an initial consultation was just the beginning of the high level of service they have gone on to provide Castles Education.

    As an example, the conversion rate on our website has increased by 110.8% this month.

    They took the time to understand us, our business, our aims and objectives

    and align their service offer to our needs.

    We are really pleased with all the work they have done so far and we are looking forward to a long term relationship.

    It’s become apparent that their industry specific knowledge and technical expertise are second to none, but they are able to communicate those complexities in a way that makes sense to us.

    They have also helped us to think in a more clearly about our overall marketing and communication strategy.

    Dean Thomas-LowdeCastles Education
  • A big thank you to First Internet for taking care of our online offerings. Arro values its customers and it’s important for us to have the right digital agency for us to be able to deliver that forward. We are delighted to have received great service from a Manchester-based agency, breaking the London stereotypes.

    We would recommend other businesses make the most of their expert team and enjoy a better experience.

    First Internet has been a valuable partner in the progress of Arro Money and has enabled us to achieve remarkable ranking results.

    First Internets' cost-effectivenesses efficiency and transparency have been major contributors to this successful partnership.

    The service level provided by the agency is flexible and reliable.

    First Internet has a very competent technical team, who have adequate knowledge of the tools in use. Along with the digital expertise the company carries a lot of pride in managing the stakeholders and possesses great knowledge in handling queries, arranging meetings, performing follow-ups. Overall Arro money appreciates and values the work they have done and hope for it to continue in future.

    Muhammad AsimArro Money
  • We have been clients of First Internet since starting up in business since 2004; they designed our website from scratch, working closely with us to ensure that it best represented what we were trying to achieve. Since that time they have worked proactively to ensure that it works technically and creatively to match changes in technology and/or demands of Google et al. We monitor all placements and new business, and our website has consistently performed better against the job sites that we also advertise on; in terms of actual placements it is second only to REED and in terms of calibre of candidate, the website far exceeds any of the job sites.

    The vast majority of all new clients comes as a result of the website

    second only to recommendations. Whatever we ask of First Internet, they work really hard to fulfil our requirements and often go beyond what is required of them. Would highly recommend them.

    Natalie AlexanderAlexander Hancock
  • We needed a new website that provided our customers with a high level of service. We’re extremely pleased with First Internet’s cutting edge approach to this project and the impressive results we’ve seen in such a short time.

    First Internet really, strengthened, our online presence

    The agency has really strengthened our online presence and we are looking forward to seeing the fruits of what’s shaping up to be a highly effective long-term online campaign.

    Richard CawthraSimplicity New Look Read more about this project
  • We’re extremely pleased with the work completed by First Internet, which has been delivered with optimum level of skill in a timely fashion. Their

    efficiency, knowledge and skill set

    across a number of our key brands have been proven time and time again and we look forward to working with them in the long term.

    Julie McNeicePZ Cussons
  • I’m pleased to report that the site has been well received by all who have visited it,

    feedback has been fantastic.

    Tony GoodwinMuconRead more about this project
  • The work that First Internet has done on our

    #CreamPresents #WinterBlues campaign

    has really enhanced our social media profiles and has certainly contributed to their success. We’re very happy with their creative direction and would happily work with them in future.

    Andy OwenThe Cream GroupRead more about this project
  • The e-commerce part of the site marks a whole new period for Greenhalgh’s, which has come such a long way since it launched in the 1950s. The site is just another sign of the steps we are taking to keep up with our ever-expanding customer base.

    Dean SimpsonGreenhalgh's
  • We started working with First Internet in the hope that their work would have a real positive impact on our business.

    They achieved exactly what they had promised and we found ourselves near or at the top of Google for our most important keywords, which drove enquiries through our site.

    We found ourselves, near or at the top, of Google searches for our most important keywords

    We were so pleased with their work that we asked them to redevelop our website and we are very pleased with the results. We look forward to maintaining this close working relationship for our future web activity.

    Edward AbbottAce Controls
  • Since the new site we noticed an, increase in business

    Since Timbermat’s site was redesigned and developed by First Internet we really noticed an increase in business. Their insight and consistent care alongside their work on our SEO and PPC campaigns has ensured the enquiries keep on coming.

    John RobertsTimbermat
  • Our old website didn't really do us justice – we were in desperate need of a website that would allow us to show off the work that we do for children in the North West as well as raise funds to enable us continue to help these children.

    The new website is bright, fresh and young, - exactly what we wanted.

    We’re extremely pleased with how it looks and how it works thanks to First Internet’s design and development skills.

    Tom FarringtonThe Children's Adventure Farm TrustRead more about this project
  • Before we started working with First Internet our website was not working for us as we needed it to.

    We were amazed, at how quickly they, achieved results

    We were amazed at how quickly they achieved results for us and continue to be impressed by their consistent hard work on our behalf, achieving and maintaining great rankings for our website, which ultimately bring us in essential enquiries.

    Daniel PraisCrawfords Accountants
  • Taking Creamline online was the natural next step for the business.

    Development expertise and clear, talent for design

    First Internet has been the perfect partner to guide us through the technical and digital challenges involved. Their development expertise is matched by a clear talent for design- we’re delighted with the results.

    Rob PurvisCreamline DairiesRead more about this project
  • We came to First Internet to help us find a web solution to ensure the front end of our site is easy to use and the back end of the site is easy to manage and that’s exactly what has been delivered.

    The front end of our site is, easy to use, and the back end of the site is, easy to manage

    Controlling all seven sites through one content management system makes administrating the site very manageable.

    Even more importantly, the ongoing promotion of our sites via the SEO campaigns has noticeably increased the number of enquiries coming through to EVO Safety Solutions, including international enquiries that may not have come through to me previously.

    David BridgeAKM Fabrications
  • Following a recommendation from one of our customers, we asked First Internet to re-design our website and develop our SEO as we were looking to improve our presence on the internet as part of a business development plan.

    We are delighted, and have definitely had an, increase in enquiries

    We are delighted with the results and have definitely had an increase in enquiries from new customers. From the initial meeting, the staff were extremely helpful and explained the way SEO works in such a way that anyone could understand.

    Andy DakinChris Bennett Read more about this project


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