SEO services designed to help businesses in the most competitive sectors achieve sustainable, long term growth.

We’re an SEO agency which has helped businesses of all sizes since 1998. Our team uses a unique blend of technical expertise and creative thinking to achieve world class results.

The process of driving organic traffic to your website has never been more competitive. Search engines are more intelligent than ever and new online businesses pop up every day. Hiring a quality SEO agency has never been more important. 

We understand how difficult it is, and provide the support our clients need to be successful. To find out how we could help you, call us today on 0161 941 5330.

Our SEO services

Our SEO campaigns utilise a wide range of tactics designed to help you maximise the ROI of your online marketing strategy. However, we also offer a range of individual services for anyone requiring more focused assistance. These include:

  • SEO audits: a complete audit of every element of your website, detailing where you’re going wrong, how you need to improve and what you’re doing well
  • Content marketing: whether you’re looking for a service page which drives conversions or beautiful images to use on social media, we’re here to help
  • Link building: creative, targeted link building campaigns which drive relevant, authoritative links
  • Local SEO: ensure your business is discovered by local people with a comprehensive local SEO strategy
  • Local citation building: get your business listed in all the right places with a quality citation building service
  • Technical SEO: we make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your website while maintaining an amazing user experience

The First Internet approach

Our search engine optimisation approach is based off a thorough knowledge of Google’s best practices, combined with our decades of experience and a sprinkling of creative thinking.

At First Internet, we understand every business owner wants to be on Google’s first page for competitive keywords relevant to their business, and we’re dedicated to helping you achieve that.

In 2018, Google reported an incredible 3,234 updates to their algorithm. This includes small, regular tweaks alongside major updates which significantly alter the search results. Our SEO knowledge, combined with a desire to always be on the cutting-edge of the industry, ensures we’re rarely caught by surprise and don’t need to make sweeping strategy changes on a regular basis. Instead, we focus on continued improvement which drives sustainable growth in the organic search results.

The first thing we do for any new client is perform a full SEO audit. This allows us to see exactly where you stand and what needs to be done, and is used to shape and prioritise your SEO strategy.

We then use this audit, combined with the knowledge we’ve gained from thorough research on your business and industry, to implement a high quality strategy specifically designed to meet your goals. During the course of our work, we will:

  • Ensure search engines find it easy to crawl and correctly index your site
  • Create industry-leading content designed to entice and delight users at every stage of the sales funnel, from discovery through to becoming ambassadors for your brand
  • Build your reputation as the go-to experts in your sector by consistently highlighting your expertise
  • Develop stories which make leading publications want to link to your website
  • Work closely with our web design team to create user friendly pages which convert
  • Regularly analyse all data to ensure our work is having the desired effect
  • Provide in-depth monthly reports, giving you complete visibility of our work

Combined, this drives relevant traffic to your website, increases sales and ensures you’re completely aware of your ROI.

How can we help you?

We understand finding a good SEO agency is hard, which is why we won’t try to drown you in jargon and blind you with promises of instant, life-changing results.

Instead, we’ll work closely with you to help you understand just what you need from a search engine optimisation perspective and how we plan on helping you reach your goals, before implementing a strategy designed to drive sustainable business growth. 

All our SEO services are completely bespoke. We don’t believe in selling packages which may or may not be right for your circumstances. Instead, we simply focus on doing what needs to be done whilst completing it on time, on brief and on budget.

Contact us today to discover how our SEO service could help propel your business to the next level.


What is SEO?

In short, SEO is the practice of optimising your website to make it more attractive for search engines, thereby increasing the quality and quantity of traffic you drive through organic search results.

When you search for anything online; Google, Bing and other search engines display a list of links they feel are most relevant. To establish relevance, they analyse hundreds of factors across your website, from the content of the pages themselves to specific aspects of the architecture of your site.

An SEO agency will analyse your site to establish where it is falling short against competitors before implementing a strategy which closes the gap and helps your site be listed in higher positions, thereby driving an increased volume of quality traffic.

Why is SEO important?

Every day, Google receives over 3.8 million searches per minute. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. And when people are searching, they are specifically looking for help with problems your business could solve.

If you want to be discovered online, you need to be visible on search engines, and SEO is the way to achieve that.

A comprehensive SEO strategy will help your business be front and centre at the precise moment people search for something related to your business, helping with everything from building brand awareness to driving conversions by driving relevant traffic to relevant areas of your website.

How long does SEO take to work?

Typically, we would expect SEO to take six months before showing serious results. This can vary dramatically, however. If your business is already in a good spot you can expect to start seeing results quicker, but if you’re way behind the competition it may take a little longer before you see real growth.

Ultimately, SEO is a game of patience and consistency. As you continue doing the right things, you will see your traffic and website revenue increase. The important thing is to avoid making rash decisions and focus on making continual, incremental improvements initially.

Are SEO and SEM the same thing?

SEO is an aspect of SEM, but they are not the same thing. While SEO focuses solely on driving traffic through organic listings, SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is marketing on search engines as a whole, including PPC and other methods of advertising your business through search.

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