The Results

+ 36%

Increase in qualified leads

+ 46%

US Growth

- 20%

Reduction in bounce rate

The Problem

Peak had a large amount of valuable content in the form of blogs, events, success stories, guides, but the main hub page didn’t showcase this content in an easy to digest manner. They wanted to more clearly explain their service offering, whilst scaling up the business and attracting international clients.   


Peak AI engaged First Internet to strategise and implement a user experience (UX) website project to help clarify their offering, reprioritise important content and set Peak AI up for growth in the US and beyond, with a truly scalable site. 

To put a focus on usability we overhauled the search functionality by adding new filters such as topic, sector and industry. We changed the main search bar so it would search through full articles for relevant words rather than just post titles. Filters now load instantly on page rather than the user being redirected or the page refreshing – resulting in the user finding what they want quicker. The site was designed to give the user as much information as possible to make an informed decision before enquiring without overwhelming them. To do this we utilised the resources from the content hub throughout the site to engage and encourage them to read more.

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