The Results

+ 285%

Increase in US traffic

+ 48%

More time on-site

+ 91%

Increase in worldwide traffic

The Brief

Black Brick is a London-based independent property specialist, specialising in high end property search and acquisition, with a potentially international client base, however their Northern American reach was limited. They tasked First Internet with increasing leads from this region, as well as reprioritising content to appeal their UK, high-end audience.

The Solution

Our work was centred around tech SEO improvements and reprioritising content, to ensure the site sat o solid ground, alongside a content strategy targeted to their desired audience. For this project we work with their in-house developer, strategising recommended changes, illustrated by our UX designer, for them to implement. Work included extensive keyword and persona research, as well as redesigned homepage, service and about pages and hreflang tag updates

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