The Results

+ 95%

Improvement in bounce rate

+ 52%

Increase in organic traffic

+ 158%

Increase in goal conversions

The Problem

Advantage Resourcing and Crone Corkill are sub brands of international staffing brand, RGF Staffing, with roots back to the 1960s, in Tokyo, Japan.  It now represents a global network of 20K employees and over $12 billion in annual revenue.  First Internet was tasked with a redesign and rebuild project for two of their brands in the highly competitive recruitment space.

Our Solution

This project involved a UX overhaul, web design, development and third-party software integration, alongside an initial SEO treatment, which resulted in an immediate upturn in visibility and lead generation of over 200% in under seven weeks.

The websites are built in the WordPress framework, with custom themes built from scratch, yet with slick integrations of third party software.

UX design principles were married with valuable functionality and complex integrations that enhanced the user experience, for both audiences, and noticeably increased engagement and conversion.

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