+ 136%

Increase in revenue

+ 5,703

Impressions for "cbd" went from 21 to 5,724

+ 67%

Improvement in conversion

The Problem

First Internet was tasked with improving the visibility of ecommerce site, Golfer’s CBD, with the long-term goal of improving sales. Despite being a legal product, “quick win” channels, such as Google and social media ads, do not allow advertising of CBD products.

The Solution

The strategy was aimed at increasing visibility in the short term and increasing conversion in the long term. With such a limited budget we were only able to implement a selection of one-off fixes, designed to please Google, the user and have lasting impact on sales.

Our strategy started with and centred around the results of an SEO and user experience (UX) audit, with the end goal being to establish the Golfer’s CBD website as well put together site, with solid foundations, thus ensuring long terms gains that would stand the test of time. No short cuts, no quick fixes, simply long term, best practice site improvements.

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