The Results

+ 131%

Increase in new users

+ 34%

Increase in page views

+ 101%

More time on site

The Problem

Fragrance Oils specialises in the creation of perfumery essences and natural herb extracts for use in the fine fragrance, personal care, air care and household cleaning sectors. Having been acquired by the world’s largest fragrance and flavour company, Swiss multinational manufacturer, Givaudan, last year, they needed a website that reflected their international influence and reach, something their incumbent site could not claim. Fragrance Oils’ target audience is global and high profile, supplying fragrance to well-known names from Asda to Yankee Candle and Ted Baker. In addition, given their generic brand name, they were basically invisible in search as they didn’t even appear on the first page for their own name, building the site with SEO and increased visibility in mind from the very beginning was essential.

Our Solution

Our overall strategy to meet the above was to approach the project in a collaborative way, with regular Zoom meetings (this project was completed entirely in lockdown), involving a spread of team members from the First Internet team, covering design and UX, marketing, development and project management. The vast spread of disciplines ensured the site not only looked fantastic, it also appealed to its diverse global audience, stood out alongside the more mundane B2B site, was highly visible and usable. Truly unique animations were developed to bring the new branding to life, give the site a personal touch (unusual in the B2B arena), draw the eye and encourage engagement and conversion.

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