The Results

+ 238%

increase in clicks year-on-year

+ 85%

organic traffic increase year on year

+ 104%

organic revenue increase, year-on-year

The Problem

To keep Sewdirect abreast of e-commerce capabilities, a fresh website with fully up to date functionality was needed. Not only would this ensure their user experience was tip top but also streamline tasks undertaken by SewDirect and our marketing team in the future for time-efficient operations.

Additionally, SewDirect entrusted us to support their long-term growth online with a foolproof eCommerce marketing strategy targeted at their client base, who weren’t too tech savvy, and didn’t welcome change.

Our Solution

Since the new website launch, increases in revenue have been supported by a significant decrease in operating costs. Previously lengthy administration tasks have been cut down considerably. For example, order exports were reduced from four hours per day to 30 minutes, meaning 52 days per year are saved on just one administrative task. The number of support tickets issued each month has decreased by 95% as many tasks can now be completed within the CMS.

Through our fortified eCommerce marketing efforts we not only maintained organic revenue throughout the launch of the new website, but more than doubled the year on year organic revenue of the website post-launch.

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"The work First Internet has done on our campaign has really enhanced our social media profiles and has certainly contributed to their success. We’re very happy with their creative direction and would happily work with them in the future."

Richard Cawthra , Sewdirect

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