The Results

+ 32%

Increase in clicks from organic search

+ 72%

Increase in organic traffic year-on-year

+ 30%

Increase in goal conversions

The Problem

GrantTree came to us with a particular, and very serious, SEO issue, which was a significant loss in rankings, visibility and traffic.

We were required to investigate, understand, and reverse where traffic was lost, outside of the pandemic ‘boom’ that the business had experienced and implement a strategic SEO campaign that would reverse these issues.

Our Solution

Coming on board in 2022, we created a holistic strategy that encompassed multiple elements of digital marketing, rather than just your standard SEO practice.  This strategy included:

–  Technical SEO

–  Content auditing and strategy

–  On-page SEO & copywriting

–  UX and CRO

Each element contributed a particular niche, working together to create this 360 degree approach that truly stands out against basic SEO tactics.

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