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Mortons Dairies
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Mortons Dairies

The client

Mortons Dairies is based in Maghull, Merseyside and has been a family-run business for more than eight decades. Since the 1920s they have evolved from a milk processor to a dairy wholesaler and supplier, delivering milk and groceries across the region.

The challenge

Mortons did not have an online offering to their business and with a recent customer acquisition they needed to bring their products and service online for a brand new customer base.

The results

Site functionality

In conjunction with fellow North West Dairy, Creamline Mortons undertook a large scale UX before any design or development work began, to help create an extremely user friendly website.

The site we built allows customers to set and manage their weekly orders online. The website also needed to integrate with their office system and needed to automate payments on a weekly basis by repeat credit card transactions and direct debits.

The website acts as an interface between the customer and Mortons, allowing registered users to view what is and has been delivered that week, their account balances and payments and contact forms to get in touch with their local depot.

The site allows Mortons to fully manage the website content themselves including adding products, setting prices and special offers and displaying promotional banners. The system also includes two-way communication right down to the milk man’s hand-held computer so that deliveries for the day are confirmed. Customers are able to update their orders up to 9pm the night before to allow them to add last minute items.

In addition a whole host of added value content can be found on the website including tasty recipes and supplier profiles.

The site has been developed using responsive technology, allowing it to work effectively on mobiles and tablets.

We also helped Mortons with their product and lifestyle photography and continue to assist them on an ongoing basis.



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