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Fleming and Howland
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Fleming and Howland

The client

Fleming & Howland design and produce Chesterfields furniture and were granted the ‘Chesterfields’ trademark due to their acknowledged heritage and skill. They now work closely with home owners, interior designers and architects throughout the world.

The challenge

Their website is their primary marketing tool, which we have rebuilt for them twice over the years.

The site needed to be rebuilt in order to handle a more complex international business plan. Whilst this is a very technical project the primary client focus was on preserving and improving the brand perception through the quality of the user interface. The interface needed to be quick, smooth, highly interactive and enjoyable to use.

The results

The user interface is elegant, engaging and intentionally focussed on lifestyle shots of products. Making extensive use of cutting edge technology to give the illusion of instant transitions as well as dynamic effects throughout gives the entire website a feeling of high quality. The brand perception of the website is clearly in keeping with the envisaged goal.

This website was recognised by the AWWWards, HTML Inspiration, CSS Matter and the CSS Awards soon after launch.



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