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Tablets; we’ve basically seen them all right? But have you met Earl?

Guest blogger: Our intern Daisy Halsall

Earl is the brand new survival tablet from Sqigle INC. made entirely for use in the wild. It uses an electrophoretic display which we also see used in black and white eBook readers such as the Kindle and the Nook.

Using this type of screen is the most efficient way to save battery life on the device, though does mean no colour screen and low refresh rates.  However, in the wild battery power is much more important than both of these things.

The Earl is equipped with GPS, internal weather sensors and a radio keeping you connected by analogue and digital frequencies up to 20 miles away.

This survival tablet also has solar charging, this enables you to increase battery life efficiently on your travels.

Though I think one of the most interesting part of this product is the way in which Sqigle have decided to fund the product, they’ve chosen for the product to be crowd funded. Through this people will chose to pay $249, if enough people pay this they will all receive the products at the discounted price, if not they will receive a full refund.

As it stands today they have $103,030 of the $250,000 goal, with only 27 days to go, will they do it?

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