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Yahoo! takes top spot for content, but Google strengthens lead in search


Figures from comScore for July 2013 show that two of the giants of the search engine industry have strengthened their positions in the areas they know best.

On the one hand, Yahoo! – which has long been more of a portal, and less of a pure search engine than its rivals – now leads the market in terms of US visitors accessing online content.

But on the other hand, Google crept marginally higher in market share, strengthening its lead in the US search engine market in July.

The figures relate specifically to data collected in the US, but they are a useful indicator of how the major US-based search engine brands are performing at present.

In terms of content, over 196 million US internet users viewed a Yahoo!-hosted page in July, out of a total web audience of 225 million people – equivalent to a market penetration of around 87%.

Google-hosted sites ranked second with 192 million views (85%), with Microsoft in third (179 million views, 80%).

In terms of search, however, Google stretched their lead over the market, accounting for 67% of the market, up from 66.7% in June 2013.

Microsoft – owners of Bing – stayed steady at 17.9%, while Yahoo! declined slightly from 11.4% to 11.3% over the month.

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