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What’s the point of having a stunning website if nobody can find it?

Stephen Alexander, managing director

“Google it” has become THE phrase connected with finding the answer to any question.  I can’t actually remember the last time someone encouraged me to “look in the Yellow Pages”.

If your website doesn’t appear high up on the Google search results when a potential customer is looking for the service you provide, then you won’t get their business. It’s as simple as that.

We’ve worked with a massive variety of clients to push them up the rankings and ultimately increase their enquiries or sales.

Here’s a selection of the businesses we’ve helped and the results we’ve achieved for them.

Manchester Driveways

Manchester Driveways provides comprehensive and quality paving in and around Manchester.

We implemented onsite SEO for them, concentrating on the different areas in which they’d like to promote their services.  They have achieved first place and first page rankings for a number of key phrases such as:

  • Driveways Manchester
  • Driveways Alderley Edge
  • Driveways Knutsford
  • Driveways Hale
  • Driveways Didsbury

Traffic has increased by25% since we implemented the SEO.

Peter Nyssen

Peter Nyssen sells hundreds of varieties of flower bulbs across the world solely through their website.

We designed and developed a brand new website, carried out initial search engine optimisation and initiated ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns.  Only a few months after launch the site received an average of:

8,000 visitors per month

45% organic search (SEO)

35% PPC traffic.

Since the PPC campaign has been running (July 2011) it has:

Brought in over 2,000 visitors to the site

Generated over £80,000 revenue, costing just over £4,000

Henry James

Henry James sells high quality men’s shoes online.

We designed and developed their website, carried out initial SEO and initiated ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns.

The website turned over a six figure sum in the first year of trading.

A large volume of organic traffic was achieved very quickly allowing the PPC to be paused.  The site now attracts over 10,500 visitors per month with over 70% from organic search.

The site has very high rankings for extremely competitive search terms mixing with high profile brands such as ASOS, Office, Amazon and Debenhams on the first page of Google, on only a fraction of their budget.

Motoring Offence Lawyers

Motoring Offence Lawyers is a team of experienced solicitors dedicated to the defence of motorists throughout England and Wales.

When they came to us they had a new site which was being promoted by SEO and PPC, however they had no natural rankings and were not receiving the enquiries they needed.

We tweaked the content of the website, performed onsite SEO, amended the PPC campaigns and initiated offsite SEO.

Since we re-launched the website, SEO and PPC campaigns:

Their website attracts nearly 4,000 visitors

Organic traffic has increased by 95% and PPC 120%

Since we have taken over the PPC campaign, it has brought in over 17,000 visitors.

As you can see we can turn our SEO hands to any industry and believe we can help you get your website and your business noticed.  We don’t tie our clients into contracts so give us a call and let us show you what we can do for you.

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