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Voice search could impact mobile SEO as Google gets Siri-ous

Mobile SEO efforts could need to adapt to more voice-led queries, as Google has announced Siri-like features for its updated iOS app.

In an April 29th post on the Official Google Blog, engineer Andrea Huey revealed that iOS users who update to the new version of the Google Search app will be able to speak their search queries directly to it, and receive spoken answers to direct questions.

As if that doesn’t sound Siri-like enough, the example given is likely to be familiar to Apple device owners, as it is the question: “Do I need an umbrella this weekend?”

Voice Search not only provides direct answers to questions; it can also return conventional search results to spoken queries, such as a map of nearby eateries when asked: “Show me nearby places.”

The updated app also incorporates Google Now, which provides time-sensitive results based on factors like location and traffic conditions.

It remains to be seen to what extent, if at all, these various features will affect mobile SEO, particularly in the UK rather than the US – however, webmasters who serve significant numbers of mobile visitors might want to look for the appearance of more full-sentence queries in analytics results.

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