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UK mobile users ‘are a passive audience’

New research from Nielsen indicates that UK smartphone users are much more passive on social networks than, for example, their Japanese equivalents.

Both countries have a high level of mobile usage, with smartphones particularly predominant in the UK, where 61% of people own a modern handset, compared with 24% in Japan.

However, the widespread availability of unlimited data tariffs in Japan means users there are more active, and are more likely to send emails from their phone or, while on social networks, to upload photos (32% of Japanese users), post blog entries (26%) and play games (13%).

In contrast, UK users – perhaps due to fears about their level of data usage – use social networks more passively, with 60% logging on to read messages, 57% to view pictures, and 46% to look at profiles.

For social media marketers – and mobile marketing activities as a whole – this creates an imbalance in the UK between the number of prospects, and the likelihood of achieving a conversion.

As with any marketing activity, compelling campaigns with clear calls to action are the key to turning these passive audience members into engagers, and ultimately converting them from prospects into customers.

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