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Why Thought Leadership is Essential For B2B Marketers

Thought Leadership

Marketers use quality content to reinforce brand messaging and encourage goal completions. Using high quality content and original ideas, you can set you apart from your competitors and gain a valuable social following by putting thought leadership at the centre of your strategy.

Thought leadership isn’t something you can dip into; it’s got to be a long-term marketing technique. In a changing market, you’re going to need to come up with a strategy and a defined content plan to build that critical momentum.

Seeking Inspiration For Content?

All too often, marketers focus on developing one killer piece of thought leadership content, and they fail to build on the momentum with regular posts.

To avoid being a ‘flash in the pan’, you’ll need more than one thought leadership idea, and a cohesive narrative that will build followers to your blog. How do you come up with enough topics to keep your readers hooked?

Simple: just repurpose what you already know.

Thought leadership is all about showcasing knowledge, so you probably already have a wealth of ideas on file:

  • Webinars and seminars are great sources of content inspiration, and it’s straightforward to turn a single presentation into a series of engaging, data driven blogs
  • Case studies provide the opportunity to reinforce your expertise by demonstrating how you applied your knowledge to solve a problem. If you can back up these pieces with quotes from your clients, you’ll boost trust and reinforce your authority by telling success stories linked to real clients
  • Opinion pieces are a great way to get your voice heard on social media, and present different points of view to the norm. Writing editorial content is a little like breaking the fourth wall; you need to pitch it correctly, and avoid taking advantage of your audience
  • Video makes a great conversation starter, and is a good way to create variety on a blog. Curate videos and write your response as a blog, or record your own video blogs to build a healthy following on YouTube
  • Frequently asked questions offer excellent opportunities to address your clients’ pain points. Tap into the questions you’re asked via email
  • Long tail keywords offer healthy opportunities for conversions. Look back through your web analytics to find inspiration for new leadership posts

Publishing a consistently high standard of content requires investment, whether it’s setting aside your own time, or hiring a supporting writer to flesh out your ideas. But if you develop evergreen articles, they should stand the test of time and draw traffic to your site long-term.

Take-Away: Focus on Deep Content, Reject Controversy

Rather than chasing short-term exposure with thought leadership content, your aim should be to create a solid library of content over a period of months, or years. Don’t be tempted to exaggerate your opinion simply to put your blog in the spotlight quickly; have a long term goal in sight. Thought leadership is all about augmenting your reputation, and proving you know your stuff. What you say on your blog tomorrow could echo around the web for years to come.

Additionally, look at the way your budget is being divided and spent on individual pieces. Can you diversify? Reshaping a few short blogs into a 1,500 word eGuide can give you a vital edge on your peers. Often, that’s the key to getting traction and building a reliable readership for your content.

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