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The Professional Web Design Process: Design

The second part of the web design process id the actual design itself. This where we take the wireframes and content from the planning stage and dress it up according to the clients’ brand guidelines.

  • Mock-ups
    We design the necessary pages and elements in Photoshop which allows for relatively easy modifications so if the client is indecisive over colours or fonts etc., now is the time to experiment and deliver a few options.
  • Review and approval cycle
    The design stage is all about experimenting with colours, fonts and imagery so there may be a lot of going back and forth with little tweaks here and there. It’s OK for faults to be made here,  they’re all part of design process – sometimes, seeing something you don’t like could lead to something you do like.
  • Online Preview
    We like to put the designs online so the client can get an idea for what the website will look like within the browser, this may lead to further amendments. By now we should have a good indication of what the final outcome will look like.

Resources for this phase:

Kuler – Creating colour schemes
Type Tester – Screen type comparison


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