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Kat Halsall

Google loves to keep us on our toes and is constantly moving the goal posts, just last week they dropped some of the key features of Google authorship – a project it’s been pushing and promoting since 2011.

With Google’s continuous updates and changing of direction it is imperative to cover all bases and compliment SEO activity with PR, paid social media and creative.

Nail the basics

SEO is by no means dead, it is just more difficult to get it right, which is why getting the basics in place and getting potential technical SEO issues fixed, as well as updating content, is always going to be the foundation of any good SEO campaign.


Content is king – this is truer than ever before.  PRs and SEOs must work together to achieve results, the campaigns should complement each other and communication is key to maximising ROI.

Pay to play

All social media platforms are introducing paid advertising and if you want to play, you will have to pay! It is important to adopt a 50/50 approach, produce engaging material mixed with paid ads. A client-agency relationship is crucial to the success of social media campaign as social is largely in real time. Think about your goals to create a structured, targeted social media campaign and relax – it’s social – it’s fun!


Offline activity is fast becoming one of the most successful methods of attracting a new audience and engaging with customers, we should be spending some time on creative, then pushing the work out across social media platforms.

While infographics can be seen as a bit naff, there is no denying their appeal and success, particularly across social media platforms such as facebook and Instagram. Creative ideas will gain visibility and can be beneficial if they’re well branded, just be careful not to link from them.

There’s no doubt that SEO is evolving to encompass a broader marketing mix, some elements of which are touched on above, and Google are pushing us to use more paid search, but if you get the foundations right and choose the right route for your ongoing campaign, you can significantly reduce the impact of Google’s next update and increase you return on investment, of course, you can always speak to us, we’ll be happy to help!