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News is a powerful tool of website design Manchester webmasters can use

There are plenty of different facets of website design Manchester webmasters can choose from – and recently we’ve looked at the power of local SEO to reach your geographic market. But today we’re addressing one form of website design Manchester companies may have missed – the power of news. Adding a news section to your… more »

Branding and Web Design Manchester

Your brand is your image, and it says a lot about you. We can all identify business brands that we like and trust, as well as those that we are likely to view in a more negative light. This means that getting the right branding for your company is vital and it can have a… more »


Flanagans are high end, traditional men’s barbers boasting four salons across the North West in Altrincham, Wilmslow, Didsbury and City Centre Manchester. First Internet was tasked with creating a striking website which reflected the quality of the salon experience and to showcase the services and products available throughout these four salons. The site has an… more »

The Importance of SEO

The internet is now the first place (and often only place) where people search to find products and services. Many businesses think that as long as they have a website they will get more and more customers. This is not strictly true. The internet is a very broad platform where millions of websites exist. It… more »

The Importance of Web Development for Business

Web development is not just about making a website look the part; web development is what makes a website functional. Web development should always be approached with the user in mind. A website is a way for a business to gain customers by promoting what the company is all about. Other websites go one step… more »

Increased ROI with SEO Manchester

The purpose of SEO Manchester is to use our knowledge and expertise to increase the amount of traffic which reaches your website. It is important to choose an SEO company who has solid experience and puts their clients first. Some SEO companies will use dishonest techniques of generating web traffic, but SEO Manchester will create… more »

We have lift off!

Here’s a quick update on a few of the latest websites we’ve designed, developed and put live… Nailease – the innovative, new beauty company offering ‘instant manicures for girls on the go’ – has launched to a real buzz with the unveiling of ecommerce website www.nailease.co.uk. Nailease has proved to be a favourite of celebrities such… more »

Professional Web Design Services

You want your website to look good and function well. In order to achieve this, you will need a decent web designer to design your website. It is important to not be lured in by a cheap price tag. If a work of a web designer doesn’t cost much, there’s probably a reason. It ain’t… more »

Optimise your Business with SEO Manchester

I bet you were thinking that the days of popularity contests were long gone… Well, you’re mistaken. However, popularity is a whole different game. Now it isn’t about you, it’s about your website. That is basically what SEO is all about; getting your website high in the popularity stakes with the search engines and then,… more »

Ecommerce Web Design Manchester

Do you strive to provide your customers with the highest standard of service? Are you looking to increase the profits of your business? If the answer is ‘yes’ to those questions, then web design Manchester are the solution. Web design Manchester can design an ecommerce website which is tailored to your individual requirements. Quality ecommerce… more »

SEO and Social Media as One

SEO and social media are commonly misunderstood to be two separate entities working along side but not directly with each other. This is a major misconception that needs changing. Although SEO is about rankings and social media is about interaction, the two very much complement each other. Social media is a term which has several… more »

SEO Manchester separates the men from the boys

Are you a local business in Manchester? Are you lost behind hundreds of other businesses on the internet? If the answer is yes, then it is time to experience SEO Manchester. At First Internet out knowledgeable and experienced SEO Manchester team can get you noticed by those ever-important search engines. SEO Manchester can find the… more »

SEO Update: Site Speed Report

Google have added a new feature to the Analytics tool and we’re very excited about it! The new feature is called the Site Speed Report which measures the length of time it takes to load each page on your website. The new report is a fantastic development in the world of search engine optimization (SEO)… more »


First Internet designed and built the Exclusive 7 e-commerce website. This was a brand new online shop and a significant number of sales were made immediately following launch. We continue to support the amazing growth of Exclusive 7 with regular email marketing campaigns. One of the email marketing campaigns initiated on Exclusive 7’s behalf led… more »


The Safe Shop is the UK’s number 1 safes and security products website. This is due to an unbeatable set of great customer policies including 12 month warranty, money back guarantee and free delivery. The web design of The Safe Shop provides a superb online shopping experience. This highly detailed e-commerce website includes individual product… more »

It started with Google Panda…

At the end of February, Google announced their latest overhaul of the SEO algorithm. The main focus of this is the quality and accuracy of website content and update content regularly. Content needs to be directly related to the business and/or subject of the website or your high ranking site may disappear into Google oblivion…. more »


Chesterfields 1780 are a high quality furniture manufacturer specialising in one-off and exclusive designer ranges of Chesterfields and Desks. Founded over 200 years ago, Chesterfield1780 provide high end authentic British furniture with stunning designs. The sleek and simplistic web design compliments the content of the website and is further made accessible to the user with… more »

First Internet nails Nailease launch

Nailease – the innovative, new beauty company offering ‘instant manicures for girls on the go’ – has launched to a real buzz with the unveiling of an interactive website www.nailease.co.uk following a strategic pre-publicity teaser campaign. First Internet  handled the design and build of the site and is also tasked with search engine optimisation (SEO),… more »

Direct your visitors with nifty Web Design

How to achieve the best results for your website does not just have one solution to fix all. There are many different elements which contribute to a successful website. Web design should focus on several different elements to make an attractive website, that is also functional and SEO friendly. Web designers can use tactics such… more »

New E-commerce Website for IL2L

As always, First Internet have used their web design expertise to create an e-commerce website that is cutting-edge and fully complements the essence and tone of the client and its products. IL2L have a comprehensive selection of leather jackets and accessories for both men and women. Browse the site with ease and view quality leather… more »