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Microsoft bring search to the Windows 8.1 desktop

If search wasn’t already dominant in our daily lives, it’s about to get even more prominent – and this time it’s not Google, but Microsoft who are driving the trend. While many people have Google set as their homepage, Microsoft are now taking efforts to trump this, by putting their Bing search engine at the… more »

With effective web design Manchester retailers can ‘turn bricks to clicks’

With high street footfall down 5.2% in the latest British Retail Consortium figures, it’s a good time to look at the kinds of web design Manchester retailers might turn to, in order to complement their bricks-and-mortar business with online sales. The retail segment is one of the most controversial industries where the conflict between online… more »

21st century web developers can learn from our caveman past

21st century web developers face a challenge the likes of which has never been seen before, as consumer tastes change at an unprecedented rate, guided by developments in technology. That is the assertion of Intellima, a retail market analyst, in a report that draws parallels between modern technology-driven shopping behaviour, and social structures dating back… more »

Facebook Graph Search shoots Bing up SEO agenda

Facebook Graph Search has been making headlines in the past week or so, but many webmasters might wonder what all the fuss is about, both in terms of the technology, and any SEO decisions it might inspire. After all, the notion of receiving search results based on a full-sentence question has been around at least… more »

Nielsen reports highlight importance of web design for portable screens

Web design is no longer an easily defined discipline – gone are the days when a ‘website’ was simply an on-screen equivalent of a printed page. The web is still very much governed by a network of hyperlinks, but the way those links – and the content that surrounds them – are delivered to your… more »

Online shoppers want responsive web design for Christmas

As the Christmas shopping period comes to a head – and we move into December itself – the value of responsive web design has been highlighted once again. In a recent Verdict report, the retail analyst looks at the trends it expects to see emerge this festive season, amid an estimated £86 billion in Christmas… more »

Responsive web design needed as mobile to become mainstream by 2014

As 2012 nears its end, it’s worth looking ahead little more than a year, when responsive web design could become critical to cater for the majority of your website visitors. In a new study from Mind Commerce, the analyst notes that mobile web traffic now accounts for a tenth of all internet access – up… more »

Google recommends responsive web design for tablets

In recent years, the development of the mobile web has posed specific web design problems for those whose sites need to be accessed on the move. First it was WAP, and then 3G, and now mobile devices are gaining 4G support alongside Wi-Fi capabilities; so where do tablets fit into this spectrum? With larger displays… more »

Google Disavow Tool puts SEO from inbound links back in webmaster control

If you’ve been worried about inbound links ever since Google’s Penguin algorithm update, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, as the search engine’s Disavow Tool has finally come out of beta testing. The ‘tool’ is really just an easy way to tell Google of any web pages that link to you, but which… more »

Awwward Winning Websites

We’re so proud of our work that we’ve recently submitted the Children’s Adventure Farm website for a CSS award. As part of the award scheme the website will be showcased on 50 of the most popular web galleries throughout the world. This will create great publicity for the children’s charity and will do the website’s… more »

Paid search ‘transparent and measurable’ for web marketing

Paid search continues to be a popular part of many online firms’ web marketing mix, thanks to its good levels of transparency and measurability, reports PricewaterhouseCoopers. The business analyst claims that digital advertising spend in the UK totalled £2.6 billion in the first half of 2012, including expenditure on paid search, classified ads such as… more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Development

Now for the technical phase, where all the planning and design mock ups becomes a reality. Building the back-end/structure of the web site The developer will set up their development framework (we use mainly use Cake PHP and WordPress but we’re flexible and are able to use other code bases too). Then create templates for… more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Planning

Following a detailed and well explained web design and development process speeds up our workflow and thus saves the client money and save everyone involved a lot of headaches. Hopefully once the process has been explained to the client they’ll feel much more confident and comfortable with the services they’re paying for. This series of… more »

What’s in a word? Google tells web developers to check their specs

The Google Webmaster Central Blog had some important advice for web developers this week, and it was all a matter of semantics. Jens O Meiert, senior web architect with Google’s Webmaster Team, offered a few do’s and don’ts of best practice for web developers, and many may have been surprised by his advice. For instance,… more »

For tips on website design Manchester Central is the place to be in May

Manchester Central – the city’s conference venue formerly known as the GMEX – is the place to go later this month, as the eCommerce Expo 2012 highlights aspects of website design Manchester’s online operators would be wise to take into account. Big brands from all over the country will be in attendance, putting Manchester at… more »

Further funding for web development Manchester City Council reveals

The past few weeks have seen a number of major announcements that could impact on the types of web development Manchester companies carry out. We have already outlined the ten-point plan Manchester City Council has to make Manchester into a “digital city”. But you can add “superconnected city” to that label, after Manchester secured a… more »

The ten-point plan for web development Manchester City Council has revealed

There are several different aspects to the ten-point plan for web development Manchester City Council revealed earlier this month, which it said aims to make Manchester a “digital city”. Of the ten target points, three relate to connectivity – for citizens, businesses, and to position the city as a whole to attract new companies to… more »

For future web development Manchester firms can learn from Easter

Lessons learned over the Easter holiday period can highlight areas of web development Manchester businesses should prioritise. While companies in the gifts and greetings sector might see a direct increase in trade due to Easter orders, plenty of other firms could benefit from knock-on effects. The extra days off thanks to the bank holidays on… more »

mCoupons a key part of web development Manchester firms should consider

Mobile coupons, or mCoupons, are an emerging component of web development Manchester clients might want to consider – particularly if they have both virtual and real-world stores. By bridging the gap between the online and bricks-and-mortar worlds, mCoupons are already proving compelling in some markets, including the Far East and China. However, Western Europe and… more »

Forms of web development Manchester retailers can benefit from

There are many different types of web development Manchester retailers can benefit from, without having to move away from having bricks-and-mortar stores. Verdict Research has published a review of High Street commerce by Mary Portas, a London-based retail marketing consultant. While she says there is still a strong desire for local shopping centres – both… more »