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UK mobile users ‘are a passive audience’

New research from Nielsen indicates that UK smartphone users are much more passive on social networks than, for example, their Japanese equivalents. Both countries have a high level of mobile usage, with smartphones particularly predominant in the UK, where 61% of people own a modern handset, compared with 24% in Japan. However, the widespread availability… more »

Six steps to social media excellence

Gartner’s six steps to social media excellence highlight some of the most common oversights committed by marketing managers who forget that social networks are about collaboration – and, therefore, that the audience must be involved too. Participation tops the list, as active involvement of the audience helps to build follower numbers, rather than old-style corporate… more »

SEO and Social Media as One

SEO and social media are commonly misunderstood to be two separate entities working along side but not directly with each other. This is a major misconception that needs changing. Although SEO is about rankings and social media is about interaction, the two very much complement each other. Social media is a term which has several… more »

Social Networks Should Take Care over Web Design Images

Social networking and digital gifts – small images that user trade with each other – seem to be a match made in web design heaven. There’s a vast array of social networks out there and everyone on them seems to be sending someone else something. But when does this seeming bit of web design fun,… more »