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Online shoppers want responsive web design for Christmas

As the Christmas shopping period comes to a head – and we move into December itself – the value of responsive web design has been highlighted once again. In a recent Verdict report, the retail analyst looks at the trends it expects to see emerge this festive season, amid an estimated £86 billion in Christmas… more »

Google Disavow Tool puts SEO from inbound links back in webmaster control

If you’ve been worried about inbound links ever since Google’s Penguin algorithm update, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, as the search engine’s Disavow Tool has finally come out of beta testing. The ‘tool’ is really just an easy way to tell Google of any web pages that link to you, but which… more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Development

Now for the technical phase, where all the planning and design mock ups becomes a reality. Building the back-end/structure of the web site The developer will set up their development framework (we use mainly use Cake PHP and WordPress but we’re flexible and are able to use other code bases too). Then create templates for… more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Planning

Following a detailed and well explained web design and development process speeds up our workflow and thus saves the client money and save everyone involved a lot of headaches. Hopefully once the process has been explained to the client they’ll feel much more confident and comfortable with the services they’re paying for. This series of… more »

I’m Feeling Lucky – the holy grail of ranking-based SEO

There are plenty of different ways to define the success of your Google SEO strategy, from number of hits, to total ROI, to the position you appear in each set of search results. If ranking’s your thing, Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is more than just a gimmick – it can make the difference between… more »

What does the Google Panda update mean for your website?

Julaine Speight, Marketing Manager Google has been rolling out search updates for a few months under the name “Panda”, but what exactly do they mean for you and your site.  We’ve put together a few summary points to help you make sense of it all: Content is king.  Google want to produce the best quality… more »

Peter Nyssen

Peter Nyssen sells hundreds of varieties of flower bulbs across the world through their website. Previously their site acted as a brochure site and customers had to make telephone orders. An ecommerce solution was in desperate need and First Internet was approached. A bright and fresh ecommerce site was designed and developed and now takes… more »


Bakery chain Greenhalgh’s has 59 bakeries across the North West. Their previous site didn’t provide all the functionality they needed. First Internet rustled up a new, modern and interactive website for the well established baker, complete with the facility to trade online – an area new to the bakery. In addition to the online shop… more »


Services: Web design and development Video production Email marketing SEO PPC Social media marketing Nailease came to us with a brand new beauty concept for young women – nail wraps designed to give users an ‘instant manicure’ without requiring heat or drying time. We were tasked with creating an interactive and eye-catching ecommerce website to… more »

Thanks to good website design Manchester City Council services are easier to find

The ease of finding information and performing tasks like paying council tax are two elements of website design Manchester City Council’s site performs particularly well on, according to a new ranking of council sites nationwide. With information easy to find and online services available and reliable, Manchester City Council was ranked among the country’s top… more »

World Wide Web Design

Wayne Seddon, Designer How many of us truly explore the web? Your average internet user has their daily routine of visiting certain websites i.e. chatting to friends on Facebook, checking emails, or shopping on Ebay, and they very rarely break out of this routine and travel further afield on the web. But there’s a whole… more »

News is a powerful tool of website design Manchester webmasters can use

There are plenty of different facets of website design Manchester webmasters can choose from – and recently we’ve looked at the power of local SEO to reach your geographic market. But today we’re addressing one form of website design Manchester companies may have missed – the power of news. Adding a news section to your… more »

Mobile Blogs a Key Part of Web Design Manchester Firms Should Consider

One of the areas of investment in web design Manchester firms may have overlooked is in the creation of a mobile-friendly blog. Whether that is a Cascading Style Sheet that displays your regular blog in a mobile-friendly layout, or an entirely separate site for smartphone users, there is a growing audience for social content on… more »

Challenges of Mobile Web Design Manchester

Web design Manchester is going through some changes, and one of these is the growing importance of mobile websites. These are websites that can easily be accessed from smartphones such as iPhones, the BlackBerry and Android devices. Mobile web design provides its own challenges in terms of execution, including: Screen sizes. All web design has… more »

Three Important Features of Web Design

There are many important components of web design Manchester, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. However, it should give you some idea what’s involved with web design, so read on to find out about three important features of creating a great website. The layout As you might expect, the layout of your… more »


Sarah is a three-time Taekwondo world champion and one of Great Britain’s most successful athletes. The site documents Sarah’s road to the London 2012 Olympic Games and includes photography and video of Sarah’s best performances. Her personal Twitter feed is displayed on the site and there’s a countdown clock counting the days, hours, minutes and… more »

We have lift off!

Here’s a quick update on a few of the latest websites we’ve designed, developed and put live… Nailease – the innovative, new beauty company offering ‘instant manicures for girls on the go’ – has launched to a real buzz with the unveiling of ecommerce website www.nailease.co.uk. Nailease has proved to be a favourite of celebrities such… more »

SEO and Social Media as One

SEO and social media are commonly misunderstood to be two separate entities working along side but not directly with each other. This is a major misconception that needs changing. Although SEO is about rankings and social media is about interaction, the two very much complement each other. Social media is a term which has several… more »

SEO Update: Site Speed Report

Google have added a new feature to the Analytics tool and we’re very excited about it! The new feature is called the Site Speed Report which measures the length of time it takes to load each page on your website. The new report is a fantastic development in the world of search engine optimization (SEO)… more »

Edge Signs goes live!

B2B e-commerce site Edge Signs has gone live. Sales through the site have already reached their hundreds after only a few days.