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Google is getting smarter, don’t get left behind

Kat Halsall

At First Internet we have always highlighted the importance of writing relevant, fresh content for your website. We urged you to write as naturally as possible about your sector, as often as possible. In the past you may have been able to sneak in a few keywords in a semi-dubious fashion, thinking “it’s ok, it’s… more »

How do I rank highly using SEO?

It’s the Holy Grail of web marketing: how to rank highly using SEO techniques. But what factors have the greatest impact on search rankings? A recent SearchMetrics report looked at the characteristics of 300,000 highly ranked URLs, and determined the features they most had in common. Interestingly, the most significant factor in terms of the… more »

SEO enters the OED

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced its June 2013 update to its words list, which includes several web-related terms including the full sense of SEO, and its acronym. Listed as ‘search engine optimization’ – rather than the commonly seen spelling ‘search engine optimisation’ – SEO is included among the list of new sub-entries, rather than… more »

How Penguin 2.0 could impact SEO in Manchester

The global rollout of Google’s Penguin 2.0 algorithm update could impact local SEO in Manchester, as well as your wider search presence – so what do you need to do in order to avoid being among the 2.3% of English-language websites likely to be visibly affected? Penguin has always been aimed only at eliminating black-hat… more »

New Google Maps bring flexibility to local SEO

The new Google Maps should, when it launches, give local SEO campaigns more flexible opportunities to target geographically relevant prospects. Reaching people in your local area is an important element in SEO campaigns, as it allows businesses who do the bulk of their commerce via bricks-and-mortar premises to drive footfall from what was originally search… more »

Expanded Google Analytics filters add new detail to SEO campaigns

SEO campaigns can now be tracked with a greater degree of detail, thanks to the creation of new filter fields in Google Analytics. Writing on the Google Analytics blog, team member Matt Matyas this week outlined almost 20 filter fields that may be used to restrict the data used in Google Analytics reports. In effect,… more »

Voice search could impact mobile SEO as Google gets Siri-ous

Mobile SEO efforts could need to adapt to more voice-led queries, as Google has announced Siri-like features for its updated iOS app. In an April 29th post on the Official Google Blog, engineer Andrea Huey revealed that iOS users who update to the new version of the Google Search app will be able to speak… more »

Reasons to hire a digital marketing agency for Manchester’s SEO investors

Bing’s newly transparent approach to SEO has given more reasons to hire a digital marketing agency for Manchester webmasters and their counterparts around the world. In recent weeks, several posts on the Bing Webmaster Blog have described SEO in detail rarely seen from the major search engines. On April 10th, that trend continued with a… more »

Did Bing’s ‘SEO meta tag’ fool you?

Microsoft announced a deliberately over-the-top April Fool this year, in the form of an SEO meta tag to dictate your ranking in Bing search results. A tongue-in-cheek post on the Bing Webmaster Blog outlined the implementation of the spoof SEO meta tag, which supposedly includes the ‘set_to_position’ attribute to specify your desired rank for a… more »

New Google opt-out options – a bad call for SEO?

Webmasters might want to exercise caution when deciding whether to use a new central opt-out option created by Google, to avoid any undue negative SEO impacts. In a Webmaster Central Blog post, distinguished engineer Matt Cutts advises that Google Webmaster Central users can now have their crawled content removed from listings on Google Shopping, Flights,… more »

Google ‘cheat sheet’ gives first-timers SEO tips

A newly published ‘cheat sheet’ offers first-time bloggers some basic tips on how to ensure content is search-visible, but stops short of detailed SEO guidelines. The one-page document promises “to help Google understand the content on your site” and is aimed at very beginners who are taking their first steps into online publishing. Many of… more »

The romance and heartbreak of Valentine’s Day SEO

This month brought with it the lucrative retail opportunity of Valentine’s Day, and understandably many short-term SEO campaigns were launched to compete for the top spots in romance-related search results. However, results from Bing show that some terms may have performed better than others, while one slightly heartbreaking long-tail keyword ranked above all others. First… more »

Facebook Graph Search shoots Bing up SEO agenda

Facebook Graph Search has been making headlines in the past week or so, but many webmasters might wonder what all the fuss is about, both in terms of the technology, and any SEO decisions it might inspire. After all, the notion of receiving search results based on a full-sentence question has been around at least… more »

Bringing New Year’s Resolutions into paid search campaigns

Paid search campaigns can benefit from New Year’s Resolutions, even if you made them to improve your personal life. In an Inside AdWords blog post, the DoubleClick Search team list five resolutions for webmasters to try and stick to – and claim that DoubleClick Search itself can help them to do so. For instance, paid… more »

Bing search tips double as SEO advice

Any last-minute website updates looking to make the most of the Christmas rush might want to treat a recent Bing Community blog post as unofficial SEO advice. The post describes some of the standard ways to use Bing in order to find certain kinds of information – and just as it helps searchers to know… more »

Google Disavow Tool puts SEO from inbound links back in webmaster control

If you’ve been worried about inbound links ever since Google’s Penguin algorithm update, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, as the search engine’s Disavow Tool has finally come out of beta testing. The ‘tool’ is really just an easy way to tell Google of any web pages that link to you, but which… more »

Awwward Winning Websites

We’re so proud of our work that we’ve recently submitted the Children’s Adventure Farm website for a CSS award. As part of the award scheme the website will be showcased on 50 of the most popular web galleries throughout the world. This will create great publicity for the children’s charity and will do the website’s… more »

Seasonal Web Designs for CAFT

The key to having a good website is to make sure it gets updated regularly, not only does it show that you’re proactive and care about your business, it’s good for your SEO rankings. There are many ways to keep things ticking over, for example; a blog, a Twitter feed, a forum or maybe some… more »

Google goes on the search for EMDs

It’s been a turbulent year for SEO, with many online marketers having to revise their opinions of ‘best practice’ in light of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Panda penalised websites for having poor-quality content – especially if it was plagiarised from elsewhere – while Penguin did the same for sites promoted through paid link schemes… more »

I’m Feeling Lucky – the holy grail of ranking-based SEO

There are plenty of different ways to define the success of your Google SEO strategy, from number of hits, to total ROI, to the position you appear in each set of search results. If ranking’s your thing, Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is more than just a gimmick – it can make the difference between… more »