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Google is getting smarter, don’t get left behind

Kat Halsall

At First Internet we have always highlighted the importance of writing relevant, fresh content for your website. We urged you to write as naturally as possible about your sector, as often as possible. In the past you may have been able to sneak in a few keywords in a semi-dubious fashion, thinking “it’s ok, it’s… more »

Google search engine optimisation tips for Manchester businesses

New Google search engine optimisation tips give Manchester businesses an insight into what is – and what isn’t – acceptable in the age of Penguin and Panda. Garen Checkley, part of Google’s search quality team, writes on the company’s Google and Your Business blog that high-quality content is the first thing webmasters should ensure they… more »

The long tail of SEO Manchester sites can target

There are different degrees of focus to the types of SEO Manchester webmasters can use in optimising their web content. Look at the phrase ‘search engine optimisation Manchester’, for example – the ‘short tail’ of this is the generic phrase ‘search engine optimisation’, while the ‘long tail’ is the complete, location-specific phrase. Whichever industry you… more »

Online Search – Maximise your Visibility

It’s hard to know exactly how many websites there are on the internet, but it seems safe to say that it’s well into the millions. This means that even businesses operating in a niche area need to think carefully about promoting themselves on the web to make sure they stand out as much as possible…. more »

SEO is here to stay

Econsultancy have valued today’s UK SEO market as being worth £436m. This is an increase of 16% in 2010. The information is available to view in the 2011 SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide, which has just been published. The figures represent all money which has been spent on search engine optimisation in the UK. This includes… more »

Google Instant

Google have recently introduced their latest version of the search engine in the form of Google Instant. The key feature of this is that search results begin to show as you type your query and these results will change and adapt as your query gets longer. The aim of Google Instant is to reduce the… more »

It is Only Just Begun!

Search marketing is a relatively new advertising medium – the first search ads were only served in 1998, but it has already become a major factor in the advertising plan of a wide range of industry sectors. Figures from the IAB suggest that the total online ad spend in the UK was £6 billion last… more »

Keeping Pace with Change

There are various aspects to online marketing; from web design and search engine optimisation to pay-per-click advertising and social media. However, one channel that is experiencing exponential growth is Affiliate Marketing. The performance marketing sector is buzzing this year, both in terms of deals being done and the explosive growth in the sector. E-Consultancy estimates… more »