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Microsoft unlocks multilingual mobile social media marketing

New technologies and the ever-shrinking size of the ‘global village’ are making new marketing methods available, including, thanks to Microsoft, multilingual mobile social media marketing. That mouthful represents the development of automated translation of non-English tweets in the Twitter for Windows Phone app, making it much easier to market your products and services internationally within… more »

Microsoft bring search to the Windows 8.1 desktop

If search wasn’t already dominant in our daily lives, it’s about to get even more prominent – and this time it’s not Google, but Microsoft who are driving the trend. While many people have Google set as their homepage, Microsoft are now taking efforts to trump this, by putting their Bing search engine at the… more »

Redefining the ‘first page’ and its impact on Manchester SEO efforts

How can experiments carried out in the US impact Manchester SEO efforts for webmasters based in the city? The answer is revealed in a Bing Search Quality Insights Blog post, in which Dr Ronny Kohavi, a partner architect in Bing’s R&D team, describes recent efforts to redefine how Bing treats its first page of results…. more »

Bing again puts SEO in the hands of the webmaster

Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed – and reported – several major steps forward in the way Bing search results are handled, and in parent company Microsoft’s interpretation of SEO. Now there’s another development – and this time it relates to the recently controversial topic of backlinks, and specifically to inbound links from websites… more »

Is Gates the Most Influential figure in Web Design?

Love him or hate him, the legendary co-founder of computer behemoth Microsoft has had a bigger impact on the communications industry and web design than any other individual. On a personal level, his influence can be tracked back 25 years to a time before PC’s and easy-to-use software applications. Students today have a PC on… more »