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A new codebase

Tom Parson

What is a codebase? All web development projects involve similar processes near the start of the project. Setting up files, creating a database with tables for content, customising configuration, creating a content-management area, and so on. After these similar processes have been completed, this is where projects differ and the bespoke needs of the project… more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Planning

Following a detailed and well explained web design and development process speeds up our workflow and thus saves the client money and save everyone involved a lot of headaches. Hopefully once the process has been explained to the client they’ll feel much more confident and comfortable with the services they’re paying for. This series of… more »

Bing aims to make typos a ghost of SEO past

It’s a key SEO challenge faced by Manchester’s webmasters and internet marketers – what do we do about typos? When your brand name, product or service has an unusual spelling, it can be difficult to make sure you appear among the results for misspellings of the word. For search engines like Bing, there’s a similar… more »

Further funding for web development Manchester City Council reveals

The past few weeks have seen a number of major announcements that could impact on the types of web development Manchester companies carry out. We have already outlined the ten-point plan Manchester City Council has to make Manchester into a “digital city”. But you can add “superconnected city” to that label, after Manchester secured a… more »

Chris Bennett

Services: Web design and development SEO Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage Ltd specialises in general and heavy haulage and has been in operation since 1976. Chris Bennett approached First Internet following a recommendation from an existing client to redesign and redevelop their website with the aim of increasing enquiries. The website was designed to be striking… more »

The ten-point plan for web development Manchester City Council has revealed

There are several different aspects to the ten-point plan for web development Manchester City Council revealed earlier this month, which it said aims to make Manchester a “digital city”. Of the ten target points, three relate to connectivity – for citizens, businesses, and to position the city as a whole to attract new companies to… more »

For future web development Manchester firms can learn from Easter

Lessons learned over the Easter holiday period can highlight areas of web development Manchester businesses should prioritise. While companies in the gifts and greetings sector might see a direct increase in trade due to Easter orders, plenty of other firms could benefit from knock-on effects. The extra days off thanks to the bank holidays on… more »

A Slice of the Pi

Philip Tomlinson, head of development. As a software developer myself I was intrigued by the news of the recent launch of the Raspberry Pi. The concept of the Pi is to enlighten young people into the world of computer and software architecture whilst innovating good computing power at a physically small level. Amazing stuff considering… more »

mCoupons a key part of web development Manchester firms should consider

Mobile coupons, or mCoupons, are an emerging component of web development Manchester clients might want to consider – particularly if they have both virtual and real-world stores. By bridging the gap between the online and bricks-and-mortar worlds, mCoupons are already proving compelling in some markets, including the Far East and China. However, Western Europe and… more »

Forms of web development Manchester retailers can benefit from

There are many different types of web development Manchester retailers can benefit from, without having to move away from having bricks-and-mortar stores. Verdict Research has published a review of High Street commerce by Mary Portas, a London-based retail marketing consultant. While she says there is still a strong desire for local shopping centres – both… more »

Why Consider Web Development Manchester?

Web development is something that may well be able to benefit your business’s online presence, but why does it matter? Why should you think about web development Manchester? One reason to consider using web development services is because your online needs are very likely to change over time. As technology develops, providing websites with new… more »

The Importance of Web Development for Business

Web development is not just about making a website look the part; web development is what makes a website functional. Web development should always be approached with the user in mind. A website is a way for a business to gain customers by promoting what the company is all about. Other websites go one step… more »