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How do I rank highly using SEO?

It’s the Holy Grail of web marketing: how to rank highly using SEO techniques. But what factors have the greatest impact on search rankings? A recent SearchMetrics report looked at the characteristics of 300,000 highly ranked URLs, and determined the features they most had in common. Interestingly, the most significant factor in terms of the… more »

Did Bing’s ‘SEO meta tag’ fool you?

Microsoft announced a deliberately over-the-top April Fool this year, in the form of an SEO meta tag to dictate your ranking in Bing search results. A tongue-in-cheek post on the Bing Webmaster Blog outlined the implementation of the spoof SEO meta tag, which supposedly includes the ‘set_to_position’ attribute to specify your desired rank for a… more »

New Google opt-out options – a bad call for SEO?

Webmasters might want to exercise caution when deciding whether to use a new central opt-out option created by Google, to avoid any undue negative SEO impacts. In a Webmaster Central Blog post, distinguished engineer Matt Cutts advises that Google Webmaster Central users can now have their crawled content removed from listings on Google Shopping, Flights,… more »

Google ‘cheat sheet’ gives first-timers SEO tips

A newly published ‘cheat sheet’ offers first-time bloggers some basic tips on how to ensure content is search-visible, but stops short of detailed SEO guidelines. The one-page document promises “to help Google understand the content on your site” and is aimed at very beginners who are taking their first steps into online publishing. Many of… more »

Google goes on the search for EMDs

It’s been a turbulent year for SEO, with many online marketers having to revise their opinions of ‘best practice’ in light of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Panda penalised websites for having poor-quality content – especially if it was plagiarised from elsewhere – while Penguin did the same for sites promoted through paid link schemes… more »

Video drives website marketing success higher

Adding video content to your website marketing mix can drive many key analytics metrics higher, according to a report from Aberdeen Group on the ‘best in class’ companies currently using video. The best-in-class performers are defined as being the top 20% of all participants in a recent Aberdeen Group study, based on aggregate performance data…. more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Development

Now for the technical phase, where all the planning and design mock ups becomes a reality. Building the back-end/structure of the web site The developer will set up their development framework (we use mainly use Cake PHP and WordPress but we’re flexible and are able to use other code bases too). Then create templates for… more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Design

The second part of the web design process id the actual design itself. This where we take the wireframes and content from the planning stage and dress it up according to the clients’ brand guidelines. Mock-ups We design the necessary pages and elements in Photoshop which allows for relatively easy modifications so if the client… more »

What’s in a word? Google tells web developers to check their specs

The Google Webmaster Central Blog had some important advice for web developers this week, and it was all a matter of semantics. Jens O Meiert, senior web architect with Google’s Webmaster Team, offered a few do’s and don’ts of best practice for web developers, and many may have been surprised by his advice. For instance,… more »

Designing a website without content is like designing a tailor made suit without the measurements.

Wayne Seddon, Designer The finished product may look great but if nothing fits, it’s going to look stupid! There are many articles debating which is more important, your website’s content or the design of your website. The truth is, they’re both equally important and neither one would work well without the other. Your website could… more »

Give me more! The modern day internet user

Phil Tomlinson – Head of Development At the end of the last century the Internet went through its boom years. Businesses discovered a new way to reach their consumers. Retailers were able to open shops to customers 24 hours a day. Invaluable educational resources were made available to millions. The cost of having an Internet… more »

News is a powerful tool of website design Manchester webmasters can use

There are plenty of different facets of website design Manchester webmasters can choose from – and recently we’ve looked at the power of local SEO to reach your geographic market. But today we’re addressing one form of website design Manchester companies may have missed – the power of news. Adding a news section to your… more »

The long tail of SEO Manchester sites can target

There are different degrees of focus to the types of SEO Manchester webmasters can use in optimising their web content. Look at the phrase ‘search engine optimisation Manchester’, for example – the ‘short tail’ of this is the generic phrase ‘search engine optimisation’, while the ‘long tail’ is the complete, location-specific phrase. Whichever industry you… more »

Tips for social media marketing Manchester clients should remember

There are plenty of rules of thumb about social media marketing Manchester clients would do well to remember. For instance, when you host a blog, you need to be sure that your content is not all about you, but that it offers some value to your readers as well. You don’t have to be funny… more »

Challenges of Mobile Web Design Manchester

Web design Manchester is going through some changes, and one of these is the growing importance of mobile websites. These are websites that can easily be accessed from smartphones such as iPhones, the BlackBerry and Android devices. Mobile web design provides its own challenges in terms of execution, including: Screen sizes. All web design has… more »

Three Important Features of Web Design

There are many important components of web design Manchester, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. However, it should give you some idea what’s involved with web design, so read on to find out about three important features of creating a great website. The layout As you might expect, the layout of your… more »

It started with Google Panda…

At the end of February, Google announced their latest overhaul of the SEO algorithm. The main focus of this is the quality and accuracy of website content and update content regularly. Content needs to be directly related to the business and/or subject of the website or your high ranking site may disappear into Google oblivion…. more »


Chesterfields 1780 are a high quality furniture manufacturer specialising in one-off and exclusive designer ranges of Chesterfields and Desks. Founded over 200 years ago, Chesterfield1780 provide high end authentic British furniture with stunning designs. The sleek and simplistic web design compliments the content of the website and is further made accessible to the user with… more »

Plum site goes live

The brand new Plum e-commerce site has gone live! First Internet designed and developed the site which sells high-end designer fashion for women and children. First Internet designed a bespoke content management system for the site.

How Social Media can Benefit Small Businesses

Whether you are looking to gain new customers or to have a strong presence online for a unique business then social media is a channel that you should consider investing in. It is easy to dismiss social media by assuming that it is too time consuming to keep up to date, but there are now… more »