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How do I rank highly using SEO?

It’s the Holy Grail of web marketing: how to rank highly using SEO techniques. But what factors have the greatest impact on search rankings? A recent SearchMetrics report looked at the characteristics of 300,000 highly ranked URLs, and determined the features they most had in common. Interestingly, the most significant factor in terms of the… more »

Silly search: Google patents gurning-based CAPTCHAs

If shopping online puts a smile on your face, you could soon find that logging into your favourite websites, or even on to your computer itself, requires you to smile, frown or make some other kind of facial expression. Google have patented a method of recognising whether a login request or transaction has really been… more »

Tablets; we’ve basically seen them all right? But have you met Earl?

Guest blogger: Our intern Daisy Halsall Earl is the brand new survival tablet from Sqigle INC. made entirely for use in the wild. It uses an electrophoretic display which we also see used in black and white eBook readers such as the Kindle and the Nook. Using this type of screen is the most efficient… more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Design

The second part of the web design process id the actual design itself. This where we take the wireframes and content from the planning stage and dress it up according to the clients’ brand guidelines. Mock-ups We design the necessary pages and elements in Photoshop which allows for relatively easy modifications so if the client… more »

Social media ‘is oxygen for businesses’

While most businesses are now turned on to the value of online marketing, it seems over-zealous CIOs are preventing many from making the most of social media. Fears about legal issues and a lack of direct control over what is said can lead companies to block access to social networks among their employees – but… more »

Getting Through with Web Design

Some surveys estimate that the average Briton faces 3,000 marketing messages a day. Therefore, when faced with an advert – either on or off-line – we change the channel, hit mute, block our cookies or leave a website. Therefore, over the past decade brands and their agencies have increasingly targeted our conversation and sought to… more »

Social Networks Should Take Care over Web Design Images

Social networking and digital gifts – small images that user trade with each other – seem to be a match made in web design heaven. There’s a vast array of social networks out there and everyone on them seems to be sending someone else something. But when does this seeming bit of web design fun,… more »

A Window Into the World of Web Design

Ralph Lauren transformed the concept of both window–shopping and web design, by announcing the launch of an interactive window that aims to bridge the virtual retail world with that of bricks and mortar: Shoppers on London’s Bond Street and Milan’s Via Montenapoleone can now use a touchscreen on 78-inch shop “window” to buy clothes. The… more »

How to make a website ‘sticky’

Stephen Alexander, managing director of First Internet, the Manchester-based new-media-solutions agency, firmly believes that there’s little value in spending time and effort on search engine optimisation for your website if the site itself is not attractive and compelling to visitors. Here, Stephen offers his tips on making a website appealing and usable to ensure that… more »