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Spring Trends for Digital Interaction

You are building a relationship with people who may continue to use your product for the next 25 years. Those interactions that you have, particularly through social streams that you can get through digital, are super valuable. It would be a shame not to invest in that.

Chris Moody, Creative Director at Wolff Olins, speaking at The Guardian seminar NYFW

New York Fashion Week is upon us, the time of year where everyone pores over the fashion pages to see what everyone is wearing and what indeed we will be wearing next year.

Brands have taken a much closer look at digital marketing as, with all industries, it has become clear that consumers are very tech savvy and interact with brands on a digital level more now than ever. The Guardian hosted a seminar this week on digital technology, opening debate on the topic.

Brands need to create a personal experience for its consumers, digital interaction is a large part of this. Using a wide variety of digital techniques including social media help create a bond between brand and consumer that increases the likelihood of a consumer staying with a brand.

The data provided from analytical tools such as Google analytics give valuable data that can be used to solidify the experience in to a lifestyle for your consumers. Research paired with the data gained from your consumers helps to build brand awareness and build on your relationships.

NYFW has really embraced the digital world as part of its campaign – utilising Instagram (including video) to give snapshots of shows and for people visiting to feel like they are part of it. The branding is recognisable and uniformly constant throughout their multiple partners marketing. During the seminar hosted by The Guardian the audience could interact with the speakers through an iPad app. This again brings in the sense of community with ‘followers’ of the brand.

Research is critical to ensure all aspects of your digital interaction with consumers makes a coherent campaign. This approach to brand and promotion isn’t confined to any particular industry, it is possible, even essential, for businesses of all sizes and sectors to create a digital community.

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