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Six steps to social media excellence

Gartner’s six steps to social media excellence highlight some of the most common oversights committed by marketing managers who forget that social networks are about collaboration – and, therefore, that the audience must be involved too.

Participation tops the list, as active involvement of the audience helps to build follower numbers, rather than old-style corporate communications, which can sound preachy on social networks.

‘Collective’ is the second watchword, and in particular the momentum achieved when a swarming effect is created, with a rapid influx of followers dragging their friends along with them.

Transparency – both in the original message shared, and in terms of welcoming critical feedback – is the third step to social media excellence, showing that the company is keen to listen, and not just to broadcast messages in fixed form.

Independence is crucial too, meaning larger firms may want to allow their employees to share corporate messages in their own time without too much interference from above.

Persistence – the ability for individuals’ contributions to remain accessible for the future – is the fifth consideration.

And finally, ‘emergence’ – the flexibility to deal with trends as they arise, and adapt the corporate strategy to fit the changing state of the social platform – completes the six steps.

With these combined, social media marketing managers may find their campaigns feel less rigid, and ultimately become more successful in engaging audience attention in a positive way.