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Replacing RSS with social media marketing

If RSS has been an important element in your online marketing mix during the past 7-8 years, it might be time to start looking for an alternative – and social media marketing could be the right next move.

Google have announced that they are to retire Google Reader this summer, removing what, for power users at least, has become an important tool in keeping track of RSS subscriptions in a cloud-based way.

With few clear front-runners vying to take the place of Google Reader, and some of those services running on the Google Reader API, which will also be switched off, it is time for some developers to look to a more relevant publishing platform.

And while there is no reason to stop serving content via RSS – many CMS platforms do so automatically, and there are still plenty of ways for readers to subscribe to your feeds – social media marketing is worth a fresh look.

Whatever social networks you are active on, there are ways to have your new RSS entries served directly to your social media profile as and when they are published to your website.

This gives your readers new ways to follow you from within their own social networking profiles, giving your various online marketing efforts a newly integrated structure.