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Ranking poorly on Google? Console yourself with Bing for Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox One games console incorporated voice-recognition technology from the company’s Bing search engine as a means of navigating around its interface and launching games or media files.

But one thing was missing – the inclusion of web results in voice-activated searches.

Now Microsoft have changed that, with a system update announced on March 4th that incorporates web results alongside relevant marketplace listings for each voice command received.

Writing on the Bing Search Blog, the Bing team say: “Any time you search with Xbox Bing, you will receive results from our expansive marketplace as well as relevant items from the web.

“And when using Internet Explorer, you can now highlight text on the web page then press the menu button to engage Bing search.”

What does all of this mean? Well, if you are a developer or retailer of Xbox games, it might make Bing the most important search engine for you, pushing Google into second place.

It is also worth noting that searching using highlighted text or voice commands is fundamentally different from typing into a box – and that might affect the target keywords you use in your SEO campaigns for Bing.

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