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Putting DreamToys on your SEO Christmas list


If you’re a retailer, the Toy Retailers Association DreamToys list is an essential heads-up when it comes to planning your SEO Christmas list.

A dozen toys make the hallowed list each year, and the selection for 2014 probably comes as no surprise, with a couple of entries for Disney’s Frozen, and long-time favourites like Lego, Nerf and Bop It! all appearing too.

But while the in-demand toys of the season may not be surprising, the shortlist is still a useful go-to guide when compiling your own SEO Christmas list.

If you want to beat the competition though, it’s worth considering the full list of 72 toys compiled by the TRA, any of which will be among this year’s bestsellers, but might be less competitive in the search rankings.

Gary Grant, chair of the DreamToys committee, said: “The 2014 DreamToys list is the perfect illustration of how the toy industry continues to innovate and evolve, creating new lines every year whilst finding new and ever increasingly creative ways to reinvent established brands.

“If the predictions are right, and 2014 turns out to be a bumper year, the biggest credit has to go to the toymakers and their endless creativity and imagination.”

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