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Oculus lifts headset DRM restrictions


Virtual reality company Oculus has removed DRM (Digital Content Management) that disallowed individuals to play games made for its Rift headset on an adversary gadget.

When the locks were added, VR fans developed a small application called Revive that let individuals move or port Oculus protected software on to the HTC Vive made by HTC with collaboration by Valve.

A product overhaul for the Oculus Rift was sent out to users throughout the weekend and has stripped out the DRM software required for the games to function.

Revive developers said they were still in “dismay” about the change.oculus2

Oculus worked intimately with numerous studios to guarantee that there was a noteworthy library of games accessible for proprietors of its Rift headset.

A significant number of these games became accessible on the opponent’s HTC Vive by means of the Revive program which was released in April this year – not long after the headset itself went at a bargain.

Immediately following this, Oculus looked to upset Revive by upgrading its software to complete a headset check to guarantee Rift was being utilised to play. The choice remained inconsistent with proclamations by Oculus organiser Palmer Luckey who said it would likely not succeed by “locking” individuals into using just its equipment.

The developers behind Revive wanted to get around the Oculus check to ensure games still ran correctly without the software check.

The headset check has now disappeared from the software needed to get the Oculus working. The change was noticed by Revive developers who posted a message about the update on their page on GitHub.

A representative from Oculus said this in a statement – “We believe protecting developer content is critical to the long-term success of the VR industry.”

It looks as the DRM for virtual reality is over, for now at least.

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