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Today’s the day; the supposed #mobileaggedon people like us have been talking about since the end of February, when Google announced their impending algorithm change.

It’s been much talked about over the last couple of months and we’ve been working hard to ensure our clients were aware of the potential implications of ignoring the warnings and not updating their websites so they’re mobile friendly.

With about 60% of online browsing now done on a mobile device, Google has simply highlighted the way search was already heading and tidying up/making more accessible the results it produced in its listings. Some have argued it as unfair on smaller businesses, however responsive technology simply isn’t the huge luxury that it once was – it’s even possible to upgrade a non-responsive site rather than totally rebuild from scratch (though not always the best option).

There are thousands of blogs conjecturing what the effects may or may not be, but hysteria aside, what has been the *actual* impact upon non responsive AND responsive websites?  Well, it’s still a little early to say.  Our initial comparisons of clients’ responsive and non-responsive search listings have certainly shown movement, but not the level we have seen with some previous algorithm updates.   This is however, extremely likely to change as many businesses will have scrambled to make their sites responsive following Google’s announcement and with more and more responsive sites creeping into the results, those who haven’t kept up are likely to slip down.  Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks – we’ll keep you updated!

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