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Mobile marketing activities should plan for the end of the ‘duopoly’

Mobile marketing activities – including online marketing of websites aimed at smartphone devices and tablets – may need to be revised in the months to come.

If a market led by a single operator is a monopoly, then the mobile space has been a ‘duopoly’ in recent years, with Google’s Android platform dominating and Apple’s iOS the only other truly major player (accounting for 57% and 21% of the market respectively, according to ABI Research).

Within the tablet segment, the roles are reversed – iOS accounts for 62% of all devices, with Android on a further 28%.

But this is changing, and in 2012 both BlackBerry and Windows Phone made significant advances into the market.

In 2013, ABI Research’s senior analyst Aapo Markkanen predicts that 45m Windows Phone handsets and 20m BlackBerry 10 handsets will contribute to the global user base, with further entry into the tablet market for Microsoft arising from a predicted 5.5m sales of its Surface device and other tablets.

All of this means mobile marketing activities need to be adaptive and responsive – and in particular, online marketing of mobile websites should take into account the fact that not all mobile visitors are iPhone users.

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