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Mobile Google rankings to overtake desktop


With every 7 out of 8 minutes spent on media being on mobile devices, and more than half of searches made on Google are on mobile, it’s clear that mobile internet use is increasing. And with mobile overtaking desktop use, Google is encouraging mobile usage even more.


Last year, we were made aware that Google will rank mobile friendly websites higher on search engine results. Which was great news for mobile users, as companies became more motivated to ensure their website user experience was far better.

Currently, if you’re using a mobile or a desktop, all users will get the same results when searching Google. But now, Google has announced that soon you’ll get a far better service if you’re using your mobile to search on Google rather than on a desktop.

To do this, Google has created a dedicated “primary index” for searches on mobile and a “secondary index” for desktop, which will be updated less often. Great news for mobile users, not so much for desktop users.

With the change happening in a matter of months, the new algorithm will give mobile users higher valued rankings in its search results along with more mobile optimised sites. Ultimately ensuring the mobile user is getting the best experience.

Google stated that they are continuously experimenting with different methods to keep search index results as relevant as possible.

Now we know that Google is prioritising mobile content more than ever before, it’s important to ensure that you do the same for your website. If your business isn’t thinking about its mobile vs. desktop user experience, then this update will put you at a big disadvantage.

The good news is that there’s still time to prepare. If you’re worried about your Google rankings, run your website through the Google Mobile-Friendly test here – if your site isn’t mobile-friendly, don’t panic! Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

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