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‘Mobile-friendly’ is crucial for Google searches from April


As of next month, mobile searches conducted on Google will give specific preference to mobile-friendly websites in their results, making responsive web design more important than ever.

For several years now, responsive web design – the ability of a website to correctly respond to work in mobile browsers and at smaller screen resolutions – has been a growing trend.

On February 26th, a Google Webmaster Central Blog post announced that, as of April 21st, mobile-friendly websites will be given a ranking boost in mobile searches conducted on Google.

Significantly, this is not a US-only change or a limited trial; it will be introduced for mobile searches conducted in all languages worldwide on April 21st.

Google’s top three tips for a mobile-friendly site are:

  • Make it easy to complete tasks on your site – streamline the navigation process and the number of steps required to complete a transaction.
  • Prioritise common tasks, and make your site look consistent no matter what device it is viewed from.
  • Use responsive web design rather than alternative options, so a single site template responds to different browsers and screen resolutions depending on the mobile device used.

Contact us to learn more about responsive web design, or to find out what changes can be made to your current website in order to ensure you rank highly in mobile searches from April onwards.

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