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Microsoft unlocks multilingual mobile social media marketing

New technologies and the ever-shrinking size of the ‘global village’ are making new marketing methods available, including, thanks to Microsoft, multilingual mobile social media marketing.

That mouthful represents the development of automated translation of non-English tweets in the Twitter for Windows Phone app, making it much easier to market your products and services internationally within the space of 140 characters.

In a post published on the Microsoft Translator Blog and the Bing Search Blog, Microsoft explained how the new feature works.

When viewing a Twitter timeline in the WP app, some non-English tweets will now be marked with a globe icon.

Tapping on these expands the tweet and, in the space where an image or web link preview might normally appear, an automatic English translation will now be given instead.

Peter Lee, corporate vice-president of Microsoft Research US, says: “The integration of machine translation technology from Microsoft Research has the ability to broaden any application’s impact through a substantial increase in accessibility to real-time communications and information sharing.”

Although it’s a platform-specific feature, the development is indicative of Microsoft’s work to overcome language barriers on the web, and could make multilingual mobile social media marketing a more common buzzword in the years ahead.