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Is Meta Data Still Important for SEO in 2017?


The world of search engine optimisation is constantly changing. As it evolves however, certain practices that used to be considered ethical become obsolete. As Google rolls out new algorithm updates every year, thousands of SEOs across the globe are forced to adapt.

Lately there’s been quite a lot of debate in the digital marketing community about whether Google was planning to put an end to meta data. But are metas about to become a thing of the past? Read on as we explore the possibility.

The Past

Although meta data has played a huge role in search engine optimisation since the early days of online marketing, things were certainly very different back then. Not only was it much easier to get your website top rankings, but the process involved in getting there was a lot more straightforward.

Spammy metas were not uncommon and keyword stuffing was seen as an ethical thing to do. The “less is more” approach was not yet seen as beneficial by SEOs, resulting in spammy metas plaguing the search results of every major search engine.

The Present

As Google’s approach towards search engine optimisation began to evolve, so did the best practices relating to meta data.

All of the sudden spammy titles and descriptions were no longer allowed if you wanted your website to rank highly. This resulted in a major shift, which marked the start of a new era for online marketing.

Metas were now required to be a certain length in order to properly display in search results, and stuffing as many keywords as possible into a single meta was no longer allowed.

Things have steadied overtime and for quite some time Google made no further changes that affected how metas should look.

This is currently what most SEOs would very likely advise you to do.

The Future

The future of meta data remains quite uncertain. With mobile rankings slowly taking over however, we are likely in for a shake up in the coming years.

Search engines are already adapting to the changing online trends, so we can’t know for sure what the future will bring.

Will metas become shorter to fit on our mobile screens? Perhaps they will be axed and replaced with something more relevant? It’s impossible to predict the future but whatever changes Google throws at us, here at First Internet we’ll be ready.

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