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M-commerce ‘is not about mobility’

Considering that most technologically minded households now contain a laptop and a smartphone, along with potentially a tablet as well, you might imagine that most m-commerce would take place outside of the home.

For instance, if you have a desktop PC or a laptop that rarely leaves the house, you would arguably use that for purchases made at home, and your tablet or smartphone for buying items while on the move.

However, research from Verdict Retail reveals that this is not the case – and in fact, “the vast majority” of m-commerce purchases are made from within consumers’ own homes.

“In effect, tablet usage is similar to that of laptops – which are also mobile devices, despite not being categorised as such when retailers boast their stratospheric m-commerce growth figures,” the analyst reports.

For online retailers, this conundrum might require a slightly different way of thinking, just as webmasters had to adapt to the notion that there is no such thing as ‘above the fold’ in the modern climate of many different screen sizes, resolutions and orientations.

Think of mobile devices as a spectrum – from fixed desktop computers, through the in-home portable devices like laptops and tablets, to out-of-the-home smartphones – and you can make sure you are catering for the conventional online consumer market, m-commerce customers, and everybody in between.

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