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It’s a huge month in the big Apple


We are all excited in the office about the iPhone 7 with its glossy black finish and waterproof design. With iOS 10 we have been fully expressing ourselves, had fun handwriting notes, sending kisses and gone totally emoji mad! To be honest, there’s so much to talk about, we hardly know where to start!

But for me, it’s Apple’s advancements in voice tech that are the most intriguing.

The game has just been raised – Siri-ously

Siri’s latest incarnation is much smarter, much more available and offers the beginning of a much bigger story.

Through SiriKit, Siri can now work with almost any third party app enabling us to access a wider variety of services.

With CarPlay you can now adjust the temperature or music without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.  The “find my car” – parked car feature means you need never lose your car again.

And with the race well under way to launch driver-less cars, we are perhaps moments away from asking, “Siri could you pick me up in five minutes please?”

The launch of macOS Sierra, means Siri also just became available for Mac offering more than just a quick Google and becoming more like a personal assistant. It’s fantastic for those of us who are disorganised – “Can you find me my spreadsheet called ‘October finances'” – but for others like my Dad who is registered blind, it will hopefully be a revelation, enabling him to move around the Mac quickly and easily getting to what he’s looking for.

Voice is clearly no longer just for mobiles. IOS10’s Home App offers a single control centre for all compatible “Internet of Things” devices, allowing us to use Siri to control lighting, heating, music, locks…Functions can be grouped in scenes such as “Good morning” which effectively could open the bedroom blinds, set the shower running at certain temperature – maybe even switch on the coffee machine! (If only it could brush the kids’ teeth and hair too!)

So, where next? Voice technology will mean that we live in a world where we simply ask for what we want – truly hands-free and far less reliant on screens. We may be able to chat to our virtual personal trainer, mapping routes as we run and talk diet advice.

Voice technology will totally change our human machine interactions as well as our behaviour. With technology available to assist at our command, our lives may become another step easier. As Siri once replied to my Dad, “We are here to serve.”

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