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Google urge publishers to compare mobile and desktop traffic


Google have urged their AdSense publishers to compare their traffic from desktop and mobile devices – and how the ratio between the two is changing.

In a post on the Inside AdSense blog, mobile specialist Federico Gomez Kodela explains that it is likely most publishers will see a long-term shift towards mobile traffic.

He writes: “It’s a good idea to pull a comparison report and track the growth in your percentage of mobile and tablet users over the past quarter or year.”

A responsive website should be able to cater equally well for visitors from any kind of device – but for webmasters who have not yet ensured they have a functional multi-device website, the risk of being left behind is growing.

Mr Kodela also points out that, while people may access the internet from one device, it does not mean they are not looking at a second screen at the same time.

He writes that a 2012 Google study found 81% of people use smartphones while watching TV; 66% use smartphones and laptops at the same time; 83% of people will not leave home without their smartphone; and 63% of all people will either use their phone to gather information before a purchase, or make a purchase directly via their phone.