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Google Goes Gaga


Google’s mission statement from the start was “to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Google has been very successful in its mission and now dominates the digital world in most areas including search, software, online advertising technologies to name a few.

With its acquisition of video sharing website, YouTube, in November 2006, Google spread its net even further, dominating search and online activity all the more.  YouTube was originally created by three former PayPal employees when they identified a need following frustrations trying to share their personal video clips. The website has gained immense popularity since its launch in February 2005 (only eight years ago) and is now visited by in excess of 1 billion unique users a month.

It is a valuable resource for many individuals and a very powerful marketing tool for Businesses.  The possibilities are truly endless with YouTube becoming a global entertainment channel, advertising channel, education channel, personal video sharing tool, advertisement platform, film viewing portal, music promotion channel, demonstrations, case studies, interviews and much much more.

YouTube has revolutionised the world of entertainment and the way people carry out activities on a daily basis. It’s evolution as a force to be reckoned with was cemented on 3rd November 2013, when the very first YouTube Music Awards were held and streamed live from stage in NYC. The event attracted a number of blue chip advertisers and more importantly a myriad a huge stars including Eminem and Lady Gaga.

Nominations were based on videos viewed and shared over the past year and were announced on the 17th October 2013. Users were asked to choose winners by sharing nominees across social media.

There’s no stopping the Google network and I’ve no doubt there’ll be a YouTube Film Festival/Film Awards sometime in the near future!

As more people engage with this channel, its potential only increases. For individuals this means we can access practically any video that’s ever been made at the click of a mouse.  For businesses this means there is a ready made audience for you to communicate with, whether that’s through creating your own YouTube channel and posting videos or via advertising on YouTube (which you can do in a huge number of ways).  Not all social media channels are right for every type of business but it’s certainly worth consideration when you’re talking about billions of users that you could potentially be communicating with!

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