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Google and Bing weigh in on responsive web design for mobile marketing

Responsive web design is already a fairly well established trend in mobile marketing, but we are still at the stage where any comments on the subject from Google or Bing could help to directly revise your approach to designing mobile sites.

In the past few days, both of the search engine giants have blogged on the subject of responsive web design for mobile sites.

Bing’s senior product marketing manager for Webmaster Tools, Duane Forrester, took an anecdotal approach to the topic, describing his own frustration when trying to impulse-buy while on the move.

He found a website whose ‘add to cart’ option was triggered by a hover action – which is all but meaningless on most smartphone devices.

After trying – and failing – to complete his purchase on a Windows Phone, iPhone and Surface tablet, Mr Forrester gave up, highlighting the risk of losing profits due to poor responsive web design.

Meanwhile, over at Google, AdSense product manager Nick Radicevic wrote on the Inside AdSense blog of Google’s beta test of responsive ad formats.

This allows publishers to use ads that dynamically respond to different devices – and while they only adapt when the page first loads, and cannot yet adjust to changes in the page orientation due to subsequently rotating the mobile device, Google are working on that capability too.

Google v bing