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Google Analytics Segmentation update empowers online marketing analysis

Analysing online marketing campaigns in Google Analytics could be more powerful with the introduction of new Segmentation features.

In a post on the Google Analytics blog, the search engine giant reveals several new options when analysing particular groups of website visitors.

They include User Segmentation, allowing certain user groups – such as certain demographics – to be segmented out, rather than only being able to segment by visits as was previously the case.

Cohort Analysis means you can further separate out certain groups of users – such as those who first arrived at your site within a certain period of time – allowing you to zoom in on performance immediately following online marketing activities.

Sequence Segmenting lets you segment funnel-style, to segregate individuals who arrive to a certain page and visit certain other intermediate content before converting.

Templates for commonly used segments have been included in the refreshed UI – and can be combined to build a custom segment if desired.

All of this gives online marketers much greater ability to zoom in on specific segments of their website’s visitor base – making Google Analytics even more powerful for campaign management than was already the case.

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