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While watching the opening games of the world cup, I stumbled across what I thought was a very clever and quite funny advert from Aldi starring Graham Taylor, ex England manager and the infamous turnip. Check it out at the end of this blog post.

Adverts and marketing have always been an interest and a talking point for me, so when I saw this particular advert it took me back to being a kid, marvelling at the likes of the Mr Soft adverts or the Milky Bar Kid ads. We see and hear these marketing campaigns everywhere we go nowadays without really paying too much attention most of the time, but the best ones always seem to stick with us, no matter how many years ago we saw them. These are the “clever” ones!

I wanted to share some of my favourite and most memorable marketing campaigns. I wonder how many other people still remember these or whether my interest and career in marketing is what has made them stick? Do you recognise the product from the advert or just remember the advert?

No 1

Mr Soft

No 2

PG Monkey

No 3

Del Monte

No 4


No 5


No 6



Aldi’s Graham Taylor advert

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