If the spectre of festive SEO haunts you in the run-up to Christmas, then it’s time to start getting scared, because for some people the holiday season is already here.

Online analyst Nielsen reports that 22% of American consumers have already started their Christmas shopping – and while this may be in part due to the greater significance of Halloween as a holiday there, it’s an indicator that many UK shoppers are probably already researching and placing orders too.

Women are leading the trend, with 27% having already made a purchase for this Christmas, compared with 12% of men – and only 10% of women (and 18% of men) do not expect to shop at all before December 25th.

Big families account for 30% of those who have already started shopping, and 32% have children aged 12 or under, highlighting the importance of children in festive online marketing efforts.

So if your website is still dominated by spooky special offers and dread-themed discounts, it’s time to get with the programme and launch your Christmas SEO campaign as soon as possible.

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