It’s a summer of change for Google My Business five years after the launch of the service. If you haven’t taken a look at your GMB profile recently, go there now! Well, after you’ve read what we’ve got to tell you about it…

Google My Business gives companies a professional profile accessible directly from Google Maps and local search results, conveniently putting you in the bee-line of people who are ready to make a purchase, clever, isn’t it?


What cool features has Google come up with this time?

Google My Business group product manager Amir Fish explained what’s new:

  • Short names: Shorter URLs that link directly to your profile.
  • Local favourites: Special recognition for the top 5% rated profiles in each category.
  • Welcome offers: Give new customers an incentive directly from your profile.
  • Offline materials: Order stickers and other physical materials to promote your profile.
  • Booking and appointment: Or placing an order directly from the GMB listing.


‘No effort required’

There are also a number of new features that affect the graphics displayed on your profile either by your own direct control, or when you complete the core information on your profile page.

  • Cover photos: Your choice of preferred profile photo.
  • Prominent logos: Company logo featured top-right on more complete profiles.
  • Photo displays: New photos appear on a ‘dynamic module’ on the profile page.

The changes in Google My Business that have not already been made should roll out throughout the rest of the summer. This makes it the perfect time to whip your profile into shape before your competitors can even say “I can’t believe I’ve been upstaged by this new flashy business listing”.


What can you do to jazz up your listing?

First of all, Google My Business means you can control the information that people see when they search for you, including useful data like your address, phone number and opening hours.

You have this opportunity to take control of that information. Make sure everyone can see what a pleasure you are to engage with by replying to reviews, and answering questions.


Because those guys spend a lot of time and effort on your reviews!

Early action is smart especially if you plan to claim a short link, as the really prime short names will get snapped up fast. Don’t let a competitor claim ‘your’ short name – get it registered now and lock it down for your own future use.

The new GMB also gives you the opportunity to lure encourage prospective customers and clients towards your website with welcome offers which appear as soon as they search for your product.


I want lots of pictures on my listing, will this help?


Only joking, of course it helps!

Pictures can be harder to track in Analytics results, but the effect of them on people searching for a specific product or service cannot be ignored. Google usually suggests a picture of your logo; the outside and interior of your business space; your team and the thing you’re selling.

If you’re selling services, come up with some creative ways of expressing them visually. Can you put together some before and after shots? Can you showcase some results through a short infographic?

All this gives prospective customers a good idea of what they can expect, making it more likely for them to make the journey to visit you. Unless you work out of a damp cave – but you never know!


“Hello? I saw on Google that you sell artisan bread..?”

Get it right, and you should soon start to see this filter through into your Analytics data with your Google My Business page appearing more often in referrer reports, or in an extra boost in orders and sales directly from your profile on there.

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